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Property Management





What is Property Management? 

Property management usually entails the managing of property that is owned by another party or company. The property manager performs on behalf of the owner/company to maintain the value of the property while generating revenue for the owner(s).

What kinds of Property Management does Terra Firma Group, Inc. (TFG) do? 

We have been providing quality commercial and residential property management in Sacramento County and surrounding areas for many years.

What does Terra Firma Group, Inc. do as a Property Management Company? 

We work directly with potential renters and tenants thereby saving you (the owner) time and anxiety over advertising rentals, collecting rent when it is due, handling any and all approved maintenance and repair issues, quickly responding to tenant complaints, and at your request, evictions. As our customer,  you can be assured of our years of experience providing you the peace of mind knowing that your investment property is in good hands.

When Should You Hire a Property Management Company?

There are many reasons including: 1. too many properties / rental units to manage efficiently, 2. you live many miles from the property and cannot effectively satisfy, 3. you have no time to manage the many complex tasks associated to do a great job and 4. you want to focus on other things like family, business at hand or are retired.

How do I get the best company for Property Management? 

Terra Firma Group Inc. has a client reputation for providing consistent “outstanding” service. We have been in the business of professional property management and leasing since 1993 and have the expertise  to make your real estate investment a success. 

What is distinctive about Terra Firma Group, Inc. from other property management companies? 

We are available 24/7, 365 days per year and will answer the phone immediately and respond quickly.

And your cost? 

TFG is very competitive (let us prove it) and we charge a fee that is absolutely commensurate to what you ask us to do. One size does NOT fit all. We find the very best tenants that translate to incredible value for each client.

What is the first step? 

Please contact us at 916.308.0367 and we can meet in our Orangevale office or at the rental property. 




Property Management services

Key marketing segments

- Realtors who work for smaller brokerages or brokerages that do not have a property management branch

- Small investors with 6 or fewer properties

- Affiliated real estate professionals in our target Sacramento metro market who know and want to work with us by virtue of our reputations.

Reliable Rent Collection

We use the most efficient software, management techniques, and follow-up to ensure your rents are collected reliably and in a timely fashion.

Successful Renter Marketing and Selection

We consider the selection and screening of renters to be the single most important aspect of our services.  For that reason, we do not “shotgun” the market with heavy advertising for the purpose of acquiring applicants.  “Quality over quantity” are our watchwords. Using our hands-on style of personal involvement in all aspects of property management services, you will be secure in the knowledge that your property is always rented out and that we take care of any complaints for you.

Property Care and Maintenance

We aim to ensure that your property is kept in great condition at all times. Chances are that you have a home of your own that needs attention, so there is no reason for you to do maintenance for both.

Residential Property Management Services       

Property Advertising Services
Tenant Application Processes, Interviews, Screenings, Background and Credit Checks
Rent Collections and Bill Payments
Monthly and Annual Accounting Services
Property Inspections

Commercial Property Management Services        

Rent Collections
Expense Payments
Tenant Invoicing Services
Owner Disbursement Services
Accounting Services
Property Marketing Services
Site Inspections
Property Maintenance Services
Designs and Build-Out Management Services
Tenant Liability Insurance Certificate Maintenance

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